Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Heart, Lungs, and Bladder

We have house guts! The guys were working hard this afternoon when we stopped by to visit. Electric and plumbing have been run, HVAC and water heater is in, and the framers have fixed the majority of the holes/broken 2x4s.

I love the glass in the door and on the garage!
 R-Laundry room     L-Tub has been put in place in the guest bath
 L- Master tub. Really glad we decided to do the oversized garden tub. It looks really nice in place  R- Ceiling fan rough ins
 L- Water heater, HVAC   R-This is the wall we'll be hanging our tv on in the basement
L- The opposite side of the basement with powder room and extra space  R- Home theater room. The sectional will following the far left and back wall. The stud on the left side starts the wall as seen above.
We decided to stop by the model, as we had a couple of questions for the sales reps. They were telling us how busy they've been and how many lots have sold. I'm still amazed at how fast this community is selling! Apparently they're opening up another section of the community on the Chateau side in June! We're hoping with all the sales, maybe they'll be able to push for the lots next to or across from us to sell...less construction we have to deal with after we move in :)

Oh, and we found out prices have increased again! A few of the floor plans have gone up an additional 6k since the December 3k increase. Really, really, really glad we signed when we did!

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