Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Heart, Lungs, and Bladder

We have house guts! The guys were working hard this afternoon when we stopped by to visit. Electric and plumbing have been run, HVAC and water heater is in, and the framers have fixed the majority of the holes/broken 2x4s.

I love the glass in the door and on the garage!
 R-Laundry room     L-Tub has been put in place in the guest bath
 L- Master tub. Really glad we decided to do the oversized garden tub. It looks really nice in place  R- Ceiling fan rough ins
 L- Water heater, HVAC   R-This is the wall we'll be hanging our tv on in the basement
L- The opposite side of the basement with powder room and extra space  R- Home theater room. The sectional will following the far left and back wall. The stud on the left side starts the wall as seen above.
We decided to stop by the model, as we had a couple of questions for the sales reps. They were telling us how busy they've been and how many lots have sold. I'm still amazed at how fast this community is selling! Apparently they're opening up another section of the community on the Chateau side in June! We're hoping with all the sales, maybe they'll be able to push for the lots next to or across from us to sell...less construction we have to deal with after we move in :)

Oh, and we found out prices have increased again! A few of the floor plans have gone up an additional 6k since the December 3k increase. Really, really, really glad we signed when we did!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Richard's all about playing the lottery right now (I think he's watched too many of those TLC specials on how the lottery changed people's lives). We decided to go grab a ticket and pick up some beer, but since we were half way to the house, we figured what better way to enjoy a cold one than in our new place!

Not much changed, but I did take some pictures and video for our family and friends back home!

L-First time walking in the front! R- Have I mentioned how much I love our front door! B-view of back from property line.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guardian Meeting Part II

We met with our Guardian rep tonight to go over all our outlet locations. Things went smoothly, for the most part. He didn't have the most current sheet with the possible locations listed when we signed off on paperwork, so it took a few minutes to get how many outlets we were supposed to have straightened out. Thankfully, I brought everything with and was able to show we did purchase an extra 6 pack :) The only other hang up was trying to decide where to put the cable/Cat 5 outlets in the 4th bedroom. I had a layout of furniture in mind, as we'll be using it as an office, but apparently it wasn't ideal if we were to ever convert it to a bedroom. I might get Richard to run a couple of extra lines after they finish up Monday so we get the best of both worlds.

Anyways, I was really surprised to see how much progress they made today. The roof/shingles were on, windows, garage and doors in stalled, broken framing pieces replaced, house wrapped, and HVAC system in place! Guardian will be installing Monday morning, so my guess is dry wall will be starting in a week.

This is what it looked like when we rolled up this afternoon. Couldn't get pictures in side, as the guys were still working, so will take a few for all our family and friends to see progress on the inside.

Today was a long day, so after our meeting, we just relaxed on the couch and watched tv. My little guy decided to join...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Framing-Day 3

PM called this afternoon-they finished the framing on the second floor and will be working through the weekend to get the roof up. I'm hoping the weather holds out for them to stay on track. There are quite a few things they're going to have to go back and fix-broken 2x4s, holes, gaps, etc.

 View from the street and the new lamp posts they're installing around the neighborhood

 First floor looking into hallway towards front door. The room framed off to the left is the powder room. To the left is the oversized garden tub we chose as a non-standard option upgrade. It has the fiberglass surround, but lots more space.

 Left-looking in to the 3th bedroom and partially framed guest bath on the left (standing in master bath). Right-our bedroom.

 Broken 2x4-one of a few we saw but this was the worst. Right-On the left is our master closet and the 3rd bedroom.

Left-Looking down hallway from master bed. Right-View from one of the front bedrooms looking up the street to the entrance of the community. Definitely going to have to get blinds now to block out the light from the post.

 Left-Standing in 3rd bedroom looking towards the closets for 2nd and 3rd bedrooms as well as the larger 2nd bed. Right-Closet to 3th bedroom and our master bath.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Framing Begins...Finally!

Front door and formal living or dining

Family Room-the hole is where our fireplace will be

Kitchen and framing to garage on right

Morning room

View from the morning room windows. That's the house they started framing before ours.
They finally started framing this morning! This is what had been accomplished when we went over after work.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A little jealous...

Everyone is getting framed....and we weren't not :( Our PM called Friday and said they were going to start this morning. So, after work I excitedly drove home, picked up Richard and headed for the house. To my disappointment, everything was still sitting exactly where it was when we visited Thursday. We're going by again tomorrow and, fingers crossed, see the start of our house being framed. If not, I'll be one sad panda.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

House by Numbers

We have lumber! It was delivered today and, wow, is it overwhelming! I had to laugh as we walked up on it...I knew that everything was pre-constructed and delivered in sections, but it's all numbered! Reminded me of those paint by numbers sets I did as a kid.

What we saw driving in!

We officially have a cement floor in the basement--there's a crack that needs to be fixed at the back though.

This is why we had to sign the structural waiver and couldn't make any changes--everything comes pieced together.

Our garage floor

The roofing pieces

All the numbered pieces, hahaha!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slow Week

Our PM called the other day to give us an update on the progress. He said this week would visually be a slow one since they were working on back filling around the foundation and finishing up the systems being laid under the basement foundation. Our lumber is to be delivered next week, and framing should begin! I think by this time next week, we should see a portion of the shell.

Almost completely backfilled

They filled the garage in with gravel

Plumbing lines
So, the pictures this week aren't too exciting, but I do appreciate all the hard work they're doing to make sure the foundation and everything underneath is up to par. It's nice knowing we'll have a sturdy house.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Geo-matting, Plumbing, and Lots of Mud

Of course, we had to do another drive by of the house this weekend to see the progress. Our PM had called Friday night and said that the geo-matting and underground plumbing had been finished, inspected and approved. He said that they would start back filling next week.

Richard decided to hop over and take a look inside. We have a sump pump!

When he jumped back over, he had been storming all day so he got a little muddy :P

Looking straight across from our lot. The neighborhood is really growing!

More of the neighborhood

This is the first Venice K going up in the neighborhood. It's on the other side of the community, but we've been told a couple others will be building too. This color combination is similar to ours, but we have matching shutters and doors in navy.

The Chateau side of the community...there are so many lots sold and houses going up over there now!

This is the house directly behind us. The lot to the left, which also backs up to our property, has been started.