Friday, March 23, 2012

Framing-Day 3

PM called this afternoon-they finished the framing on the second floor and will be working through the weekend to get the roof up. I'm hoping the weather holds out for them to stay on track. There are quite a few things they're going to have to go back and fix-broken 2x4s, holes, gaps, etc.

 View from the street and the new lamp posts they're installing around the neighborhood

 First floor looking into hallway towards front door. The room framed off to the left is the powder room. To the left is the oversized garden tub we chose as a non-standard option upgrade. It has the fiberglass surround, but lots more space.

 Left-looking in to the 3th bedroom and partially framed guest bath on the left (standing in master bath). Right-our bedroom.

 Broken 2x4-one of a few we saw but this was the worst. Right-On the left is our master closet and the 3rd bedroom.

Left-Looking down hallway from master bed. Right-View from one of the front bedrooms looking up the street to the entrance of the community. Definitely going to have to get blinds now to block out the light from the post.

 Left-Standing in 3rd bedroom looking towards the closets for 2nd and 3rd bedrooms as well as the larger 2nd bed. Right-Closet to 3th bedroom and our master bath.


  1. Looking great guys! Your well on your way! --Ericka

  2. Great progress! Those are some really broken 2x4s. Love the light posts for the neighborhood :)