Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

Our sales rep called today and asked us to stop by the model to sign the last few documents processed before we signed over the production release. When we got there, we were really happy to find out the miscalculated the purchase price from all the other change order addendums, which ended up lowering the final price!

She also informed us that we have officially been moved up on the construction timeline. We have scheduled our Pre-Construction meeting for 15 Feb! Which means they'll break ground within a week after.

But I think the best news was that they are offering everyone who is currently building, getting ready to build, or buys in our section of the community will receive a fully sodded backyard!!! Typically, Ryan only sods the front and a portion along the sides of the house and seeds the rest. Somehow our sales rep and the project manager convinced someone higher up to approve this!

A couple of other interesting things we learned tonight-they've raised their prices, and not just the base purchase price, but all the option costs. As happy as I am that we decided to cement our deal when we did, I do feel somewhat bad for the people coming in after....then again, all this is going to do is make our home more valuable :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good News!

We got the call and they are moving up our closing date! We will do our Pre-Settlement walk through 1 May and close 3 May. If all goes as planned, we'll be moving that weekend :) Have I mentioned how much I love our sales rep!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Waiting Game Begins...

We decided to stop by the model this evening to take a few measurements and talk to our sales rep regarding our closing date. I found out earlier this week, though our Pre-Settlement walk through is scheduled for 3 May, we weren't scheduled to close until the 15th. They're working on getting us pushed up a few weeks so that we close 1 May :)

It seems like we hurried, hurried, hurried to pick all our options and finalize a lot of decisions to sit around and wait. Even if they do move things up, it's still a month away before they'll break ground. I hope this goes by fast.

I guess the good news is that within the week and a half since we were out there, they already have 3 house shells completed on our side of the community the other 2 that were being dug have had the basements poured, and 2 more new houses are now being dug for. Oh, and another lot has sold! So, when they finally start our house, it won't take long to see everything take shape.

Next time we go out there, I'll have to take and post some pictures of the community's progress.  It's pretty amazing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exterior Color Choices

Since I didn't have pictures of our exterior colors before, I took a few tonight.

 The siding color looks off because of the flash. It's more of a darker off white.

The full look of our stone

Better representation of our siding color. Navy shutters and door.

The whole cabinet panel.

It's Officially Sold!

Richard and I stopped by the community after work today to finalize our last selections and put our official sold sign on our lot :) As we drove through, we saw they've broken ground on 5 new homes! It's amazing how quickly these lots are selling. I'm glad we got ours when we did because not only did we get an awesome deal on the lot, but the area seems to be in really high demand.

The official sold sign

Our meeting with the Project Manager is tentatively scheduled for 20 Feb. Our sales rep also mentioned that they should be breaking ground within 2-3 days of groundbreaking. So, I may not have many updates until then.Still shooting for a delayed delivery and 1 May closing! Though they've said if we want our house sooner, they'd be more than happy to start earlier!

Our sales rep (R) and Richard (L) walking the property lines. Hard to tell depth in a picture, but the lot is really long. The lots on either side are wider, but after you put a house with a deck, we wanted the extra back yard space.
 We really lucked out on this lot. The community is divided in two-8 floorplans allowed on one and 8 on the other. The model we're building is supposed to have a 3 car garage, but since they neglected to tell us that before we made our official lot decision, they gave it to us anyways. We'll be the only Venice on a premium lot with a 2 car garage :)

Looking to the right and back of where the house will be situated--the Chateau side

The road we will be facing and the few homes on the Manor side. There are 4 currently being built so we'll have a few new neighbors.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sub and Reciever

Since we thought Guardian was overpriced for a lot of their home theater system equipment, and Newegg had some amazing specials on the pieces we would need, we decided to go ahead and order them. Merry Christmas to us, as they came in a lot sooner than expected!!! I was absolutely shocked to see how big the sub is...I guess I didn't put two and two together when I read the description before ordering.Regardless, Richard is REALLY excited to get this thing hooked up!

12" Klipsch sub w/ ceramic cone and Tankers

Our receiver wasn't quite as overwhelming, but I love the look of it. We even lucked out and found the bluetooth adapter to play music from our phones and computer wirelessly at Best Buy over Christmas vacation.

Overall, we're very happy with our purchases! Can't wait to get everything hooked up and hear how it sounds! Just have to wait another 4 months...