Saturday, March 3, 2012

Geo-matting, Plumbing, and Lots of Mud

Of course, we had to do another drive by of the house this weekend to see the progress. Our PM had called Friday night and said that the geo-matting and underground plumbing had been finished, inspected and approved. He said that they would start back filling next week.

Richard decided to hop over and take a look inside. We have a sump pump!

When he jumped back over, he had been storming all day so he got a little muddy :P

Looking straight across from our lot. The neighborhood is really growing!

More of the neighborhood

This is the first Venice K going up in the neighborhood. It's on the other side of the community, but we've been told a couple others will be building too. This color combination is similar to ours, but we have matching shutters and doors in navy.

The Chateau side of the community...there are so many lots sold and houses going up over there now!

This is the house directly behind us. The lot to the left, which also backs up to our property, has been started.


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