Monday, March 19, 2012

A little jealous...

Everyone is getting framed....and we weren't not :( Our PM called Friday and said they were going to start this morning. So, after work I excitedly drove home, picked up Richard and headed for the house. To my disappointment, everything was still sitting exactly where it was when we visited Thursday. We're going by again tomorrow and, fingers crossed, see the start of our house being framed. If not, I'll be one sad panda.


  1. Wow, that must be very frustrating, has the PM reached out to you?...when they do start it will be flying let me tell you that much. --Ericka

    1. It is. We went by again this evening and framing had started...on the house behind us that was scheduled after ours, with no call from our PM explaining what was going on. So, I called him. In the end, they're supposed to start tomorrow, and he will be giving us confirmation in the morning of when that happens. Anyways, you are right. From what I've seen, it should take little to no time before the shell is done!