Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slow Week

Our PM called the other day to give us an update on the progress. He said this week would visually be a slow one since they were working on back filling around the foundation and finishing up the systems being laid under the basement foundation. Our lumber is to be delivered next week, and framing should begin! I think by this time next week, we should see a portion of the shell.

Almost completely backfilled

They filled the garage in with gravel

Plumbing lines
So, the pictures this week aren't too exciting, but I do appreciate all the hard work they're doing to make sure the foundation and everything underneath is up to par. It's nice knowing we'll have a sturdy house.


  1. We are just a few days behind you. Our lumber is also arriving next week (the 15th). While this week is slow, it's about to get really exciting :)

    1. It feels like time goes by so slowly when you're waiting for something to happen, but I'm sure when both our houses are done, we'll feel like it all happened so fast!

  2. Yes, tell me about it! Zzzzzzzzzzzz --Ericka

  3. Our lumber is on site just waiting, our PM says framing begins Monday.