Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Locked In!

We locked in our rate the other day at 3.875 with a credit towards closing! Rates had been hovering around 4.00, so I was delighted when the loan officer shot back with this.

In other news, Guardian finished up their work yesterday. I'm so glad we decided to stop by because they completely missed a CAT 5 outlet in the basement. Rep called today after receiving my email. Someone should be out to fix it this week. Other than that, just waiting to hear from the other PM on site to set up our Pre-Dry Wall meeting. Before ours left on vacation, he said we should be scheduling it by Thursday. Not so sure what's going on right now.

Oh, and as we were leaving the neighborhood yesterday, we ran in to neighbors who just moved in that Richard knew from work. They built a Springbrook and have invited us over next time we're out that way to do a walk through inside-looking forward to it!


  1. Your Ryan Home looks beautiful! We hope to lock in at a low rate, like the 3.875 you got. We have time before we can gdo that, though, so fingers crossed rates remain low! :)

  2. Thanks! We were very excited to get such an amazing rate!