Saturday, May 26, 2012

Home...Is where the military sends you

It's been a CRAZY three weeks. Richard was amazing, getting all of our small stuff moved in, the surround sound systems hooked up and all the basics functioning in time for when my parents came to town. They were so gracious coming in a few days early to help wrap up a lot of little projects (and some big ones too) before all our guests started arriving for the wedding last Friday. We got ceiling fans hung and our morning room hung, the rooms decorated and drapes hung, stocked up on cleaners, food, and necessities, and the men cut a hole in our wall to open up more storage under the basement stairs!

Since we were just trying to catch our breath after everyone left Saturday afternoon, we re-engaged today to accomplish a few more things. I think we're going to attack the deck tomorrow evening for staining.

Overall, the house is fantastic! Only a few glitches here and there, but everyone with Ryan has been so helpful.

We have flowers, flags, and beautiful green grass.

 L-Morning room   C-Love the kitchen, probably one of my favorite rooms in the house   R-New storage system in entry way off kitchen to garage.

 Family room. We'll be getting new couches for this room and these will be moved to the formal living room at the front.

Picture is not wanting to center correctly, but this is the new addition in the basement. My dad added some sweet shelves and peg board for Richard to organize a lot of our tools.

 L- On the front side of the basement is Richard's office, and "I love me" wall. We'll be adding to it and hopefully getting him a bigger desk eventually. R- Our new sectional and the skyline print of Buffalo I found.

 Media wall with Richard's pride and joy. We decided to pick up some track lighting from IKEA to add to the inside of the entertainment center. It changes colors too!

 Guest bedrooms 1 and 2- my Arkansas room is staged right now with old living room tables and an air mattress. Still need to hang my wall shelves and make my Fayetteville wall of photos.

 Master bedroom and animals. Riley (our cat) loves the house and all the new hiding places.

 Master closet and my organization system for shoes/jewelry. I can't express how nice it is to be able to see all my clothes at once and not just 1/3 of them.

 Guest bed 3 and bathroom. We have a lot of space to fill, but plenty of time to do it

I'll post some wedding pictures soon! We should have our professional photos back in a few weeks. Hope all is well with everyone! and congratulations to all who have closed, broken ground, or are making progress!

Monday, May 7, 2012

And We're Off!

We closed today! It was quick and painless, took all of 35 minutes. As soon as we finished inking the last of the pages, we sped all the way to the house to start unpacking all of the things we loaded last night. Very happy with what we accomplished! Got almost everything that were in boxes moved, some small furniture pieces and random items. I was able to get the kitchen 2/3 of the way set up and ready to go for Wednesday.  Richard still has his work cut out for him tomorrow though, and we have a good pile in the garage to distribute throughout the house.

Blinds are being installed tomorrow morning, movers are coming for the big stuff Wednesday morning, our new couch is being delivered Friday, as well as getting cable/internet set up. Lots happening, all while I'm at work. I'm thankful I get to come home and everything be moved though. Will post some pictures soon.

Overall, I'm confident the house will be in presentable condition by the time my parents get here Saturday. At least I hope it is, because next week is dedicated to wedding prep...11 more days! Closing, moving, unpacking, hosting company, and getting married all in 2 weeks :) I love it!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012