Friday, February 3, 2012

Shopping Adventures Part I

With a new house, comes new things. For the last couple of months, we discussed and came up with a short list prioritizing items we would need for the house. 1) Refrigerator 2) Blinds 3) Ceiling fans and light for morning room 4) Couch for the basement to enjoy the home theater system. Everything else can wait.

Of course knowing this puts us at an advantage because we have 3 months to shop the sales. Out of everything we've seen, I think I like Samsung the best. SO...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one of our local stores will run a special between now and May. (Best Buy had one a month or so ago for 25% off all Samsung appliances).

We did decide to stop by Sears and check out their Kenmore line though. Along the way, Richard found a new bed. Apparently it massages, provides lumbar support, moves to different positions, and is all controlled by a remote.
Richard trying out the iComfort bed...if only we had an extra $2k-and that was the sale price at 50% off!

While at Sears, Richard realized he left his debit card at the restaurant, so when we went back, I saw Lazy Boy was having a sale. We decided to walk through, get an idea of their stock, pick up a catalog and inquire about order processing/delivery times. We found two couches we liked, but walked out and went to another local value furniture store to see what they had and if items had to be special ordered. There was no comparison. The quality, warranty, and look of Lazy Boy is far superior.

The couch we found is completely modular, super comfy, and has elements we both love (he wants a recliner and I wanted a chaise). The best part...we got it at over 50% off!!!! Our sales rep assured as that if we need to change the configuration of pieces, depending on which direction the room will be built, we can and still keep our rate locked in. Regardless, if the pieces come in early, they'll store them until we can take delivery in May. Much love to Lazy Boy!
Our couch for the basement. One day we might add on and get the divider component with cup holders and an additional armless recliner to add in. Not a fan of the pillows, but they'll work until I can either get covers or find some new ones on sale after we fulfill the rest of our list.

More shopping adventures to come...stay tuned!

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  1. We bought the iComfort bed a few months ago & it is AMAZING! Worth every penny!