Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pre-Construction Meeting

We had our Pre-Construction meeting! Ours took about an hour and half-they had a lot of information for us, plus some paperwork to sign for the last few changes we made. Our PM seems like a great guy and very knowledgeable. He offered a couple of suggestions regarding outlet placements, where to put our deck stairs, and even made note to raise the shower head a few inches since Richard barely fits under where the standard placement is.

We learned a lot about the process, timeline, and got a new tentative close date- 7 May. Our PM did say that this schedule has some "fat" built in, so depending on the weather, it could push it up or back by a few days. They're still waiting on our permit, but are projecting to break ground as early as Wednesday, as late as Friday next week.

We did go over all our selections, and even found out that our deck size has been increased from a 14x16 to a 14x18 to push back a handrail that would have been in the middle of a living room window.

Richard had to get back to work, so I walked the lot and saw everything staked out. It's HUGE! We really lucked out with this lot. A Florence went up behind us and there lot is half the size of ours. So, we'll have a nice little cushion in between each other, not to mention on the sides too :)

Standing in what will be the driveway. The stakes farthest to the right, will be one side of the house. The back of the property ends about where you see the different colored dirt from the other construction site behind us. At least our backyard neighbors will be done before we are, so we don't have to look at the construction every day!


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