Sunday, February 5, 2012

Things We Look Forward To

I have to say, the blog experience has really added to the house process. It's been very helpful in understanding what questions to ask, re-looking at upgrades we first skipped over, and giving me a visual of how cabinet, flooring and upgrade choices look. Some have solidified I made the right choice for our personal style, and others have given me some creative ideas.

But with all the information I've gotten in regards to the process, I think one of the best blogs wasn't about any of these things. It was a list of all the things the writer looked forward to about the house. Well, I'm borrowing their idea.

Heather's List:
1) Not having to tango in the bathroom to get ready in the morning
2) Having hot water within the first minute of turning the shower or sink on--right now it takes a good 5 minutes for the water to run hot
3) Being able to empty the dishwasher and open the oven at the same time!
4) Hanging all my clothes in one closet
5) Being able to walk around on the second floor without feeling like the floor is going to cave because it squeaks so bad. Not to mention when someone comes in late or is up early, the rest of you are up.
6) Being able to easily get to and pull out all the chairs on the kitchen table--its pretty tight in our dining room right now
7) Parking both of our cars in the garage
8) Consistent temperatures throughout the house--in the summer we have to run three fans in our current bedroom just to keep from sweating while we sleep when is already set at 68 and half the vents on the first floor are closed. It's the same during the winter--difficult to keep it somewhat warm upstairs so you don't freeze to death after getting out of the shower.
9) Having a strong sense of pride knowing we own it :)

Richard's List ( I would like to preface this list by saying I just merely typed what he dictated)
1) Not having to listen to our neighbor any time of day or night.
2) The home theater system!
3) Owning it
4) Having more room to entertain
5) Backyard, not for more yard work but because we have our OWN backyard
6) Having 4 toilets to poop in

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