Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shopping Adventures Part II

A while back, Richard and I did a walk through of local home improvement stores, as well as those that sell appliances to price out refrigerators. We were in Best Buy, about to leave, when we walked past a fridge playing music. Not only does it play music, it has an 8" LCD screen with wifi connection and apps including weather bug, ap news, twitter, pandora, a family calendar, app of recipes, AND a lot of room! Richard immediately fell in love since he's a bit of a tech geek, but it met all my criteria as far as space went too.

The sad part was the price tag.  Best Buy was running a sale at 25% off but it was still slightly out our budget and we weren't in a position to buy it at the time. Another bummer....home depot doesn't carry it and Lowes only seemed to list it at 10% off. Richard realized he was going to have to give up and settle for a less techy fridge (me-I just wanted something over 26 cu/ft and good utilization of space).

Ok, so fast forward to last week. I started researching reputable sites to purchase appliances from online to see how the prices compared to those in the stores. Lo and behold I stumbled across a site that was not only very highly rated (over 2200 5 star ratings through google and no filed complaints within the last 3 years with the BBB) AND they had Richard's favorite fridge at an amazing price!!! They even offered free in-home delivery* and a 3 year full service plan at an excellent price.

Look of the fridge-stainless steel, lift up bars to open the freezer and flex zone drawer

Enough space in the top, but the added flex zone drawer is awesome. You can customize a temp setting for up to four divided spaces for drinks, deli meat, wine, and fruits/veggies

Ok, so I'm not going to lie. I'm a little nervous about buying something this large and expensive online, but the full in home service plan and fact we get to examine it before we take receipt of the delivery AND all the positive things people had to say regarding the customer service department of this site make me feel a little better. Though we're ordering it fairly early, Richard assures me we can store it in our garage and he'll be able to hook it up later. Glad he's handy.

I'll post later about how the experience went if anyone is in the market for appliances! If you're looking for more information on the fridge we got, check out:
Samsung 28 cu. ft Refrigerator w/ 8"LCD screen and apps

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  1. I am also building a venice and my husband also really wants that fridge! How did the website work out? Mind sharing?