Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Model Home Pictures

For those family and friends who are visual people, we took some pictures of the model home to give you an idea of the layout of the house.
Model Home-Elevation C with full brick front

Front entry door-we will have laminate hardwood here with carpet similar to the picture

Formal living/dining room off to the right of the front entry way
Hallway from front of house to family room and kitchen. Richard is going through the door to the basement. There is a half bath to the left. We'll have the oak spindles going all the way up the stairs instead of a half wall on the other side.

Family room-we'll have a fireplace in the same location with pre-wiring and an electrical outlet above to hang a tv.
Adjacent kitchen and mudroom to garage. We will have the same gourmet island, similar color laminate hardwood but darker cabinets and blackish granite.
Range and microwave-ours will have the same cook top surface, but a double oven.

Morning room-ours will be the exact same, with a sliding door and a walkout 14x18 deck.
If you're following so far, back up and go through the door Richard was and head downstairs. This is looking into what will be our media room. 

This is the rest of the media room. We're still debating on whether to hang the tv on the smaller wall off to the right or on the big back wall where all the front facade materials are. If it's hung on the smaller wall, you'll walk in to a more open feeling room. If it's hung on the back wall, there's a better utilization of space and you can still push the couch back to have a nice area to play kinect. Any suggestions?
This is the smaller room flanking the other side of the stairs. The wall that's jutting out on the right of the pic is the wall to the other half bath. Richard was looking at the panels they'll be hiding electrical and stuff behind.
This is the upstairs hallway. I'm standing in the doorway to the master and looking down. The laundry is off to the left and the two bigger spare bedrooms on the right with a linen closet. On the left side of the stairs at the end of the hall is a guest bath and a fourth bedroom.

Guest bathroom
The fourth bedroom that's right near the stairs.
Largest spare bedroom. Ours will only have two windows instead of three.
2nd Floor laundry. There's also a nice space at the back where the kitty box will be going. Eventually we're gonna have to add a kitty door so Riley can go in and out.
Third bedroom
And walking in to the master.

The closet is behind me, the door on the right is the master bath.
Ok, so while the tub is nice, I hated the shower. It reminded me of the ones we had in the dorm. So, we're doing a tub the same size as this one, but in place of the shower stall, we'll have a linen closet.
Garden tub
Double sinks and vanity
Closet-his and hers sides :)

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