Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unexpected Surprise

Our sales rep called today and asked us to stop by the model to sign the last few documents processed before we signed over the production release. When we got there, we were really happy to find out the miscalculated the purchase price from all the other change order addendums, which ended up lowering the final price!

She also informed us that we have officially been moved up on the construction timeline. We have scheduled our Pre-Construction meeting for 15 Feb! Which means they'll break ground within a week after.

But I think the best news was that they are offering everyone who is currently building, getting ready to build, or buys in our section of the community will receive a fully sodded backyard!!! Typically, Ryan only sods the front and a portion along the sides of the house and seeds the rest. Somehow our sales rep and the project manager convinced someone higher up to approve this!

A couple of other interesting things we learned tonight-they've raised their prices, and not just the base purchase price, but all the option costs. As happy as I am that we decided to cement our deal when we did, I do feel somewhat bad for the people coming in after....then again, all this is going to do is make our home more valuable :)

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