Saturday, April 14, 2012

Venice, Venice, and More Venice

PM called yesterday for our weekly update. The guys finished up the dry wall, and will be moving on to applying the first coat of paint, sanding the floors, installing the finishes and vinyl next week.
 L-Entry way from front as part of the formal living/dining room    R-View of kitchen from family room
 L-Morning room with sliding patio door    R-Master bedroom

We decided to go out and see the finished dry wall product. While there, we stopped by the model-they've sold the two lots next to us and found out the changed the portfolio of floorplans available on our side of the community (again). I'm sure this was a corporate decision to try to sell the lots faster, but I'm not happy about it because they've eliminated several of floorplans and are allowing two of the smaller homes to be built on the larger lots (of course there's a bit of a premium built in to the base price) but this doesn't help increase our property value.

Regardless, the two homes going up between ours and the home that's already finished near the front of the community are both Venices. So, that's 4 Venices in a row on our side of the street-UGH. Yes, they'll have "different colors" and "different elevations" but I was really hoping for some variety. Only thing I can hope for is we have more upgrades than those do for eventual resale value.

On a happier note, I'm excited to report and congratulate my mom on taking home the reserve championship with Express! Hope she does just as well when she shows back with Bucky in his division championship tonight! Anyone interested can check out her pictures at: Bridlespur MHSA Kickoff Show proofs for class 71A-Park Championship Amateur and Junior riders. She's on the chestnut horse with the white blaze and 3 white socks (first frame is 5055)


  1. Our neighborhood only has 4 of the Yorkshire models (including ours).....all four are on the same road! Two are right next to each other and mine is two doors down from them. I was originally discouraged by this but the lot we chose was the only one we wanted and the Yorkshire was the only model we were interested in. I feel that the different elevations and colors do make a huge difference. When I took my dad out to see, he couldn't tell that they were all the same house.

  2. Looks good! The entire drywall process was a little slow moving, but it will look so nice after the paint is on that it makes the wait worthwhile. I can empathsize about your disappointment in having some other Venices nearby, but the only people who will probably ever notice are other Venice owners. Try not to let it keep you down :) and P.S. - Congrats to your mom!

  3. Thanks, and I appreciate the words of encouragement! You're both right, the only people who will notice they are the same house are us-the ones living in them. However, to top things off, now my favorite floor-plan/elevation is being offered in the new portfolio of homes in the community! Oh well. We still love our house, and these will be fleeting thoughts once we move in.