Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pre-Drywall Meeting

I can't believe we finally made it to pre-drywall, but we did! Since our PM is out of town this week, the other PM in the community graciously stepped in so no time would be lost. Most everything looked great. They did miss my outlet placement located above the kitchen cabinets, but he said it would be taken care of. Normally, they provide you with your closing date at this point, but we'll find out when our PM gets back on Monday. I suppose hanging tight for a few more days won't kill me, though I am very anxious to find out when the special day will be!

He also shared with us the timeline of events for the next few weeks. Pending we passed all our inspections today (energy star, city, and one more), they'll start drywall tomorrow. It'll take a week for everything to be completed. The two weeks after that will be spent installing all our finishes, painting and touch ups. Our stone was delivered today, and will hopefully be installed by Monday-maybe even over the weekend.

It seems like yesterday that we were just starting this process, and in a short month, we'll be homeowners mortgage payers!!!


  1. LOL about being mortgage payers! You will be so happy in your home, so it will be worth it. How nice of RH to have a different PM go through the pre-drywall with you. I'm glad to hear the process goes quickly-right now I feel like it's going at a snail's pace.

    1. It does feel like it goes at a snail's pace at first. But we look back and wonder where the time went. When do you break ground?

  2. Glad everything went smoothly! We're becoming first time mortgage payers too! I can't wait!

  3. Any more room in the first-time bus? :) --Ericka

  4. When our house is finished, we will have the privilege of having two mortgages, lol!!