Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paint and Vinyl Flooring

If you're debating on the paint package, it's definitely worth every penny! We love our color and are glad to not have to paint the whole house after moving in. It'll get a little deeper in color after the put the second coats on, but I really think it makes the space inviting. They installed our vinyl flooring today too. Tomorrow they should start our trim work and hopefully by the end of the week, cabinets and such.

 L- Love, love, love our garage windows!    R- Vinyl flooring in the bathrooms and laundry.
 L- Kitchen and morning room    R-Another shot of the family room
 L- It's Christmas! All our cabinets, trim, doors, hardware, etc. waiting for install over the next couple of days.  R- Basement


  1. I love the vinyl you picked out!

  2. It looks as if many of we builders will close around the same time, its getting really exciting.

  3. Hi! We're behind you a few weeks in the same model and elevation. We didn't go with the paint package and I so regret it now! It looks amazing! Nice choices.

  4. I love the Vinyl color. It has warm feeling in it.

  5. Everything looks wonderful! I also love your garage door. I wish it was an option for us. Might be something we change later on. Congrats on getting so close. Love the paint color too!

  6. Very well-written!

    Thanks for the post loaded with so many information on paint.