Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Waiting Game Begins...

We decided to stop by the model this evening to take a few measurements and talk to our sales rep regarding our closing date. I found out earlier this week, though our Pre-Settlement walk through is scheduled for 3 May, we weren't scheduled to close until the 15th. They're working on getting us pushed up a few weeks so that we close 1 May :)

It seems like we hurried, hurried, hurried to pick all our options and finalize a lot of decisions to sit around and wait. Even if they do move things up, it's still a month away before they'll break ground. I hope this goes by fast.

I guess the good news is that within the week and a half since we were out there, they already have 3 house shells completed on our side of the community the other 2 that were being dug have had the basements poured, and 2 more new houses are now being dug for. Oh, and another lot has sold! So, when they finally start our house, it won't take long to see everything take shape.

Next time we go out there, I'll have to take and post some pictures of the community's progress.  It's pretty amazing.

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