Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spring has arrived

I can't believe that in 2 short days we'll have officially owned our house for a year. It seems like yesterday that we were moving in.

So in honor of our anniversary, and to share what's been happening since the last time I blogged, here are a few updates:

1. We upgraded our hinges in the kitchen to soft close-they're awesome and an was an easy DIY install. However, in order to do the same to the drawers, we're going to have to contact Timberlake and order all new hardware because of the material the cabinets are made from.

2. We've repainted the higher traffic areas in Sherwin Williams best paint. If you're considering the paint package, look at your other options first, as the paint Ryan uses is thin and flat-easily shows dirt, scratches and takes the paint off when you clean it.

3. Richard's office is now complete and an in your face tribute to his home team the Buffalo Bills.

4. Finally, I broke down and did the landscaping edging I've wanted since last year plus adding a touch of color for the season.

Overall, the house looks completely different. Its crazy how much things have changed/evolved in the past year.

The fourth bedroom officially has a bed but still bears the burden as being a catchall.

Front room is still under construction, but at least looks like some thought was put towards it instead of having nothing in it. Its not visible in the picture, but we even a light fixture to replace just the bulb.


  1. I love what you all have done to your HOME! It has some very nice personal touches. Did you do the wall in the office?

    I absolutely love love love the pretty green. I want that color in my lady lair. I also like the door, the landscaping (very pretty) and your exterior is gorgeous! I plan to learn how to do the gardening which may be my only DIY project. lol

  2. Your house looks awesome!! What color is your carpeting?

  3. I noticed that you did not get the optional window in the morning room. I am regretting not getting this. Just wondering about your thoughts/feelings. We are in the construction process.