Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A few wedding photos too...

My friend since middle school, who is now the Orchestra Director in our hometown schools, played for us as a wedding gift.

Just married!

Bridal party

My family

I loved my bouquet

Small and intimate, 18 guests

First dance

Second reason you go cake tasting is to try your own cake b/c you don't get a chance to eat it the night of!

Our rings and my flowers

Flowers and shoes

Our guests
My dress and the cool hanger my sister bought me

So I loved my bouquet so much I went through a local company Freeze Frame to have my flowers professionally hydrated, dried and arranged into a display case. The colors are a little off, but that was expected. Haven't picked it up yet...been waiting since May! They are so busy it's like a 24 week turnaround!


  1. Heather, such beautiful pictures! You look so radiant and in love! Thank
    you for sharing such precious memories with us. JUST BEAUTIFUL! I have to admit my favorite pictures are the jumping for joy moment and the I love my bouquet picture: love the purple shoes and how the photographer captured both shoes and bouquet--love it.

    BTW-oops I don't remember where my bouquet is after twelve years--it must be packed. When I find it I will remember to follow your idea with the freeze frame--brilliant idea!!

  2. Awwww, thats all I can say, I loved being a bride, I love planning my Riveria Maya wedding, I could be a bride once a month, I just love seeing wedding pics, it will be one of the best days of your happy for you loved like a lovely day