Friday, December 30, 2011

The First 30 Days

We're 30 days in, so this blog has been started a little late, but I'll give everyone a quick update to get up to speed.

When we first toured our community, we debated between two floor plans, but after doing a walk through of each model, there was no argument-we chose the Venice. It has a nice big basement, 4 bedrooms, and a large open concept kitchen/family area on the main floor.

Our Floorplan

We decided on the Elevation K facade because we really liked the cottage feel! We're using the same stone as in the picture with similar color siding and shakes, but navy shutters and door. The outside comes with similar landscape, the cute lamp post, sod in the front and on the sides, as well as seed in the back.

When we signed our purchase agreement, Ryan was offering several incentives-military and 10k towards upgrades. We were also able to negotiate the inclusion of our cabinet hardware (this is not automatically included) and half off a granite 2 upgrade (even though we went with a granite 1, we still got the difference).

Discussion regarding our purchase agreement was initiated on a whim when we visited one day, but I got cold feet and decided to reschedule for a few days later to really weigh out everything building/buying a house entailed. The sales rep we initially met with informed us that all the lots highlighted in green were available for us to build on, plus anything on the right side of the diorama.

When we went back, the other sales rep, who we will continue to work with, informed us that our lot wouldn't support a morning room since it was more shallow. She also mentioned we were building on the Manor side, which are supposed to be the bigger houses, and if you were to build a Venice, you had to add the 3rd car garage. Well, after a little discussion, we were able to talk her in to doing a lot transfer to another lot on the same side without the extra premiums.  So, we have a lot that is bigger, without the added price tag of having to build the garage or pay a premium.

Our meetings with the flooring rep and Guardian Technologies went well too, but I'll post a separate blog about that, as well as the options we decided on.

We did get the phone call we've been waiting for! We finally heard back from our loan officer (with NVR), we've been pre-approved and can continue to move forward! Our lot will officially reflect as being sold, and we'll be scheduling our first meeting with our Project Manager to go over all our options soon :)

Though I was really nervous, the process so far has been very straight forward. All of our reps have been so helpful in guiding us through! We can't wait for the builders to break ground!

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