Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting Ready for Fall

We have one last heat wave that is hitting now and then we should be in the clear for cooler weather-finally!

Last year, with how we ended up celebrating the holidays with family, I ended up decorating way early, both for fall and Christmas. This year, I'm doing my best to hold off, but with all the fun crafting projects on the horizon, I'm getting a little anxious. Maybe sharing what I'm working on here will help satisfy my anxiousness and excitement.

Candy Jars

Had to go between Hobby Lobby and Micheal's to get all the pieces I needed, but it worked out. I bought some other letters (J-O-Y) and ribbon to change out for Christmas and plan on getting some additional ribbon in our house colors to use year-round. Overall, the project took about 2.5 hours between dry time with the glue and paint.

Christmas Garland

Yes, I know it's not even fall yet, but I already know between my work schedule and weekend plans that this is going to take a lot of time to do right. This is a total of 18ft, plus there is another 5-6 ft of garland that I have yet to "fit" to my smaller banister. However, I'm confident that when I'm done, not only will it look stunning, but I'll have a custom piece that blends my house colors and typical Christmas decor (unlike the one I used last year).
All the animals have been intrigued by what the long green thing is on the floor. I'm just waiting for my cat to eat it.

Small section done so far--my back started killing me after an hour and this is only about a 2-3 foot section.


Richard and our friend Ron where inspired by my father over the 4th to start exploring the hobby of home-brewing. I'm loving the fact that Richard has a hobby now and gets to have regular "man time". Since the middle of July, the two have brewed up an Oktoberfest lager, Patriot ale, Imperial Nut Brown ale, will start a American Golden ale this weekend or next. Nothing has been ready to taste-test (the INB ale was just bottled last weekend and needs another week to carbonate) :(
The set up on our unfinished side of the basement.

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